Adopt a School!

IMG_1316What does it mean to “Adopt a School?”

When you adopt a school, you become the benefactor who makes it possible for up to 150 students to experience the wonder this program creates and the results it produces. Your gift will provide the teachers and students in all 2nd grade classrooms at one school with our innovative curriculum, ongoing guidance, support, and all of the books, stuffed animals, and materials they need to be successful in their classrooms. To express our gratitude, your name (or the name of your business) will be included in the program manual and on our website for the school you adopt!

IMG_1328What are the benefits for children and animals?

Benefits for children include higher reading scores, motivation and confidence when reading, increased empathy and compassion for animals, and knowledge of safety and appropriate behavior around dogs.

Benefits for dogs include more compassionate, aware dog owners and reduced relinquishment of family dogs to shelters due to increased knowledge of how children should behave around their beloved pets.

IMG_2470Want to learn more?

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