Reading Rewards Postcards

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Your students will LOVE these high-resolution, animal-themed reading rewards postcards to celebrate a doggone fantastic job of improving their reading skills! Give these cards to your students as rewards to showcase on their’ I’m Doggone Brilliant! boards, or mail directly to your students’ homes each time they make significant progress towards their reading goals – so parents can celebrate their children’s progress right along with you!

This set comes as a six-page PDF, with two cards on each page and 12 unique cards (as displayed above) in total. Simply print these cards on card stock (or on photo paper for an extra special touch) and then write a unique message to each student on the back. You can even fold a piece of card stock in half and paste one of these images on the front of each to make your very own individualized cards for your students!

The best part is that because this is an instant, digital download, once you purchase the set, you can use the images again and again each year with your students at no extra cost to you. The only thing I ask is that you please not share these images with other teachers. Doing so is not only an infringement of copyright law, but I’ve kept the price low so that you won’t feel compelled to do this. Instead, please invite other teachers to purchase their own set here.

Thanks for your understanding with this, and I hope you enjoy using these postcards with your students!

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Sharing of digital files is an infringement of copyright law.
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12 Postcards Image12 Postcards Image