Read-Aloud for 2nd Grade: “Are You Ready for Me?”

If you or a family you know is considering adopting a new dog,
this book is for you!

In Claire Buchwald’s wonderful book for children, kids are asked to consider the many aspects of acting responsibly when they get a new dog. Told from a dog’s perspective, children are asked to think about whether or not they are ready to care for a new dog daily, including ensuring their pet has fresh food and water, daily walks, regular veterinary visits, and making their dog a priority by giving them daily love and attention. 

What a great story to help children and their families to think carefully about making the big decision to adopt a new furry family member!

To watch the read-aloud now, just click here, or click on the image below. Published with permission from the publisher, The Gryphon Press.

Happy reading! 

“Are You Ready for Me” is featured in the program,
“How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed in the Classroom” with Dr. Lori Friesen.
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NEW! YouTube Channel to Support Readers at Home

Although How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed in the Classroom is able to make a great difference with increasing reading engagement and teaching children the tools they need to read at school, sometimes kids just don’t have the level of support we’d like them to at home in order to practice developing skills.

That’s why we have designed and launched the NEW How Dogs Help Kids YouTube Channel, which features a weekly video to reinforce and support each lesson within the program, while also providing FREE reading instruction and support for all kids at home.

In addition to the weekly featured video, we will be releasing read-alouds of favorite books we feature throughout the program, as well as Quick Literacy Tips for parents so they can continue to work with and support their children in reading and writing at home.

Part One of this series, Dozer in Space, is designed to support the 2nd grade program.
This series features a little dog named Dozer who, as a doggy astronaut, travels to imaginary planets in his dreams. On each planet, with the help of Dr. Lori, he learns five Tricky Trouble Words (featured in the at-school program), as well as reading strategies and success principles to help him learn to believe in himself – and follow his dreams!

Part Two of this series, which will be launched in January, will be designed around supporting the 1st grade program (which begins in January in classrooms).

To check out this channel and subscribe today, just click the image at the top of this page!

We look forward to seeing you again on YouTube very soon 🙂


Dr. Lori Friesen

How Kids Can Get a “REAL” Golden Bone Dog Tag!

I’m SO excited! Loving All Animals is holding their HUGE Annual Super Pet Adoption Festival soon, and if the kids who are participating in my program come visit me at my booth, they can get their own REAL golden bone dog tag engraved with their little stuffed pup’s name on it! Watch the video below to learn the details:

I hope to see you at this wonderful event!

25 of My Favorite Halloween Dog Costumes of All Time

All right, I know – sometimes – well, most times – dogs HATE getting dressed up for Halloween. But there are some costumes that are just so cute and imaginative that it’s hard to resist dressing them up, if only for a photo op. Here are 25 of my all time favorites!

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