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Masthead Graphic“Our organization, Intermountain Therapy Animals, launched a program called Reading Education Assistance Dogs® (the R.E.A.D.® program) almost 15 years ago, and we have been thrilled to watch children in libraries and elementary schools all over the world fall in love with reading and books through the non-judgmental, non-critical, loving companionship of a therapy dog (and a facilitating handler). We believe completely in the power of one-on-one relationships to change lives for the better, and in the power of the human-animal bond to enhance lives in so many ways.

Dr. Lori’s program builds richly on these same concepts, taking them to a whole new level, by providing a safe and fun place for kids to not only learn reading but all kinds of other crucial values. She does it with lots of sincere warmth, compassion, fun, and creative ways to inspire kids and their families to love learning, gain confidence, and begin to succeed in ways they hadn’t even imagined. We love her program, and can’t recommend it highly enough!”  – Kathy Klotz, Executive Director, Intermountain Therapy Animals/R.E.A.D., Salt Lake City, Utah

Barton_logo“As a private reading tutor, I am always searching for new ideas, and Dr. Lori’s program How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed provided many. In addition, the program’s aim to teach a parent to successfully support their developing reader is powerful. So often, parents share with me how powerless they feel when they watch their child struggling with the reading process. Yet by clearly demonstrating how a parent can involve their beloved family pet in the process of reading and listening with their child, this program will empower parents and reinforce the feeling that by working together as a team, we can help transform a developing reader into a skilled reader.”  – Victoria Tyra, Certified Barton Reading Tutor

EIS Logo“This is an outstanding program. The children are completely engaged, supportive and encouraging to each other. They leave EIS practically skipping. Dr. Lori is smart, hardworking and committed. She is very sensitive to learning dynamics and the program just keeps getting better. Imagine how the world opens up when you read!” – Charlene Browne, Development Director, The Elementary Institute of Science

1390334407“Loving All Animals is thrilled to offer Dr. Lori’s ‘How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed In the Classroom’ program. Not only are children becoming stronger, more confident readers, but they are learning to be compassionate and more responsible pet owners. Dr. Lori’s program teaches children how to behave appropriately around dogs, how to “talk dog” and read a dog’s body language, and how to be safe and loving with their pets, all through fun and motivational games and activities. This focused education will save thousands of animals’ lives by preventing unnecessary relinquishment to shelters. We are proud to support this outstanding program.” – Lindi Biggi, Executive Director and Founder, Loving All Animals

TGDP_F“I carefully followed Dr. Lori Friesen’s first pilot of her innovative program from its inception through its marvelous completion. The student’s test results stunned me. The progress each student made not only in reading comprehension and fluency but in their enjoyment of the experience, as well as their compassionate understanding of the human-animal bond, was nothing short of remarkable. The way Dr. Lori encouraged parents to bond with their children through the experience touched me deeply. And when I brought some of the program elements home to my own three children, I was delighted to see how their relationship with our dog grew deeper, more playful, and more loving. We’ve had our dog for almost nine years, but this past year has been by far the best, most fun, and closest we have ever experienced. We have Dr. Lori and her remarkable and innovative new program to thank for all that.” – Keith Zafren, Founder of The Great Dads Project and author of the book, How to Be a Great Dad: No Matter What Kind of Father You Had