What Parents are Saying

Here are some of the things parents are saying about this program:

“As a mother of four, I loved this program! It was something my daughter and I looked forward to doing together every day! Setting goals and becoming excited when her goals were reached made it that much more fun! It’s a program that keeps the children’s attention and the reward at the end makes them want to complete it. My daughter still reads every day/night to her puppy and to myself. It’s a winner!” – Debra Boegel

“Sophia Ruiz is my third child and I truly believe this program has awakened in her the true pleasure of reading that I was never able to see in my two older daughters (they were never a part of this program). I believe this program should be part of the school curriculum and not an option. This is definitely a must-have program!” – Lorena Ruiz, Parent Participant

“This program is one of the most amazing, creative, and unique ways to persuade kids to read more. All districts and schools should start using this unique and efficient program!” ​​​- Luz Maria Orozco, Parent Participant

“This program is awesome. My son was struggling with reading and he wasn’t confident in himself at all. I knew he could do better but he needed help. This program helped not only him but me as well to get more involved.” – Ema Hinojosa

“Amazing… It helped and encouraged my son to read not only for him but his pet and his little brother at home. Loved the Tricky Trouble Words to expand his vocabulary.” – Karina Castillo

“I believe this is an excellent program for young readers! It helps children read with confidence, fluency, and understanding. My child enjoyed learning new words.” – Stephanie M., Parent Participant

“I strongly believe this program helps encourage reading and make it fun! My son loved reading to our dog and would often read on his own to our dog, even when it wasn’t ‘homework’!” – Marilyn R., Parent Participant

“I absolutely love this program! I was so excited to do this with my son every night. My son learned a lot of new words and was excited to read every night. He wanted to read as many books as possible so he could write new words to write on his BoneWork page. I would definitely love to see this program in more classes.”- Angie Harmen, Parent Participant

“This is an excellent program. My son really enjoyed reading to his pet, and he is now more interested in books and in stories.” – Junet Opleda

“I highly believe that this program really works. This motivates the children to want to read because of the different techniques they use. It makes it more fun and it doesn’t feel like work.” – Montserrat Cruz, Parent Participant

​​​​“By the second week of this program I noticed my daughter was able to read at a faster pace. Not only was she excited to be getting closer to adopting her pet ‘Happy,’ but she couldn’t wait to get her hands on a new book.” – Gabriela Recinos, Parent Participant

“Since this program my child has improved in his reading tremendously. He looks forward to the reading as part of his homework assignments. The love for animals grew in many ways such as caring and showing more concern and showing more affection, concern, and responsibility.” – Jacqueline C. Vargas, Parent Participant

“We absolutely loved and enjoyed the ‘BoneWork!’ The concept is just great and we found that the stuffed dog really helped encourage them to read more and most importantly more OFTEN. Having an extra friend is always fun!” – Veronica Laureano, Parent Participant

“I really believe that this program helped my daughter’s reading. Now she does it every night and she challenges herself to do it perfectly because she believes her dog Max is learning from her.” – Adriana C. Sanchez

“I recommend this program be used in more schools because it helped my child’s confidence in reading and helps him to discover new words in each book. The program contributes to my child’s education and I see a huge improvement in his reading.” – Erika Medina

“I hope this program will help others as much as it helped my child.  He loved reading with his dog, and it has helped him to improve on his report card.” – Maria Lyons, Parent Participant

“I thought this program was definitely positive. The first few days I didn’t hear my son. I went to look for him and I found him reading to his stuffed animals. Awesome program.” – Monique Ramirez

“I love this program because it helps the child and parent find different ways to learn to read. The different techniques are very useful.” – Shanoah Arellano, Parent Participant

“My child had a positive experience with this reading program. I noticed he took control of his reading, asked questions, and he enjoyed the time he spent with his pet dog named John and me. I believe this program helped us both. I am reading more too these days! I try to purchase a new book for him each week.” – Irene Derasas

“My son enjoyed this program and looked forward to reading every day. Now he enjoys reading more than ever!” – Annalisa Ruiz, Parent Participant

“I enjoyed watching my son and two nephews utilize the BoneWork. I watched a major confidence change and a love of reading and exploring develop. All three boys felt special after their doggie adoption. Though to an adult something like a stuffed dog is silly, to a child it is a friend one can talk, play, and laugh with. In their minds, they are the teachers.” – Mary M. White, Parent Participant

“My child learned so many new words during this amazing program. Her vocabulary has definitely expanded. I am very grateful as a parent.” – Rachel Hermosillo, Parent Participant

“My daughter has always been a good reader but with this program she has become an excellent reader. She pushes herself to find challenging Tricky Trouble Words and then masters them quickly. I recommend this program 100%!” – Ronda Henry, Parent Participant

“This program helped my child to be more interested in reading and how to practice new words and learn their meaning. It showed him that if you work hard you can accomplish anything you put your mind on. I hope this program continues to be a success.” – Ernesto Frias, Parent Participant

“My daughter struggled with reading and was not interested in reading any books. When she started this program she was more motivated. I totally recommend Dr. Lori’s program. It’s useful and every child would love it.” – Maria Rodriguez, Parent Participant

“I noticed my daughter was excited to come home and read. She even put it before playing on her tablet! 🙂 She’s now enjoying chapter books. Thank you so much.” – Patty Olaiz

“This program allows parents to make reading exciting for their kids. It really grabs the child’s attention because they have someone to read to.” – Caitlyn Walters, Parent Participant

“I love this program! It helped my son a lot. He loves to read, but this made reading fun for him!” – Nancy Torres, Parent Participant

“This program has encouraged and empowered children to be more confident in their reading skills. It allowed them to want to learn words that were difficult for them. It’s a multi-purpose tool with reading, learning to be kind to animals, and to be responsible.” – April Abettasso, Parent Participant

“Gael got very excited about the program, especially when he found out he was going to receive a reward by the time of completion. Gael cared more about our dog Kobe after this program.” – Cesar Moreno, Parent Participantoe

“Reading to a pet helped my daughter, especially since she likes animals. She also loves stuffed animals, and she uses her imagination as if the stuffed animal can hear her. This program works well for the young at mind. It would be great to start with younger kids in 1st grade.” – Kathy Mateo, Parent Participant

“Even though my daughter has always loved reading and animals, this program has made a huge difference! Her ability and love for reading has taken off! Thank you.” – Joe Cardoza, Parent Participant

“Fabian is excited to read with his ‘Fluffy Puppy’ and is reading with so much more enthusiasm.” – Ruby Riviera, Parent Participant

“This program has helped build my child’s confidence, which is a big plus! It has also helped her become more independent with reading on her own, which is great.” – David Martins

“I believe that having a ‘reading buddy’ was successful in helping my child to love reading. The inspiration and encouragement was evident. My son now loves to read and tell me stories about every book he reads!” – Flor Cading, Parent Participant

“Our daughter really enjoys reading now and has shown great improvement. She really enjoys reading to her new friend.” – Margaret Cherry, Parent Participant

“I strongly believe this program helps kids with their reading. I noticed my daughter more encouraged to read without me telling her to do so.” – Araceli Cayente

“I think this is a helpful program for the kids. It helps them a lot with reading.” – Araceli Alcala, Parent Participant

“My daughter enjoyed doing her BoneWork. All reading is very important for kids, so this has been a helpful program.” – Kasandra Najjar, Parent Participant

“Reading to my son’s stuffed animal has inspired him to read more often. It also encouraged him to play with our pets.” – Kelly King, Parent Participant

“Amazing program for kids. My son was excited to read every night and practicing being kind to animals.” – Amy E, Parent Participant

“I am so glad we experienced this program. This program gave not only my child tools to better read but also provided me as the parent useful tools to help at home. This program has helped my son become a better reader and be excited to read.” – Angel Montes, Parent Participant


This photo was taken at the culmination of this program at the “Doggone Awesome Reading Celebration and Adoption Ceremony!”

“The weekly parent resources were helpful and will continue to be used even after the program has ended. I highly recommend this program to help kids advance their reading abilities.  Thank you for helping my son in such an important and vital subject!” – Catherine Montes, Parent Participant

“I think this program is wonderful. It’s fantastic to have kids interested in reading and being kind to animals.” – Alejandro C., Parent Participant

“(Jason) already loved to read. This program made him love it even more!”

“My child’s Dad and I enjoyed reading with his animal! (Mikey) couldn’t wait to get his animal! This helped him because it was like Mikey was the teacher and his pet was the student. We are an animal-loving family already, but more love is better!”

“BoneWork definitely helped Mikey’s confidence in reading and he really looked forward to reading with his animal. Once he mastered each Tricky Trouble Word, he was very excited to be able to write it down!” – Star H., Parent Participant

“It’s hard to put into words just how great this program has been for the kids. It goes way beyond improving reading skills. They have learned compassion, dog body language, and to trust in their own wonderful skills. Between me, our dogs, and the kids I don’t know who benefitted the most!”  – Jessica V, Parent Participant

“Reading used to be a hassle for Diego before starting the program. He was never motivated and felt he was being punished every time he had to read. Since being in the program he can’t stop wanting to read. He carries a book everywhere and reads every chance he gets. He sees how fun it is. He has also formed a stronger connection with our family dog Zoey. He loves this program. Thank you so much, Dr. Lori!” – Luz M. Ramirez, Parent

IMG_1502“How Dogs Help Kids is a great way for kids to increase their reading skills. It also helps them be confident.” – Aurora A., Parent Participant

“I believe this program is really helpful because my child was very motivated to read with the dog and learn more Tricky Trouble Words.” – Claudia N., Parent

“Alyssa already enjoyed reading, but this program helped her want to read more and with her dog and I (our real dog Chief and her adopted dog Kate).” – Angela Marez, Parent Participant

“I feel that reading out loud helps build confidence and also helps them hear their voice, and this helps them understand the book better.” – Adriana O, Parent Participant

“My daughter worked so hard on her ‘Tricky Trouble Words’ because she wanted so badly to adopt her dog. She is so excited to bring ‘Summer’ home with her and continues to read with her.” – Melissa Johnson, Parent Participant

“My daughter loved this program. She still enjoys reading to her Buttercup. Thank you.” – Eva Maria Pereira, Parent Participant

“My son got really excited because his teacher told him that he is reading better!” – Edith Trejo

“I really enjoyed watching and helping my son during this program. He was always reading and motivated to start reading and I really think he learned and had fun at the same time. My son has shown more love and appreciation for his pet.” – Dolores R., Parent

IMG_1335“My daughter has learned love and compassion through this program. It has taught her kindness beyond compare that we actually got a dog towards the end of the program. She now loves reading with our new little member of the family.” – Rebecca L., Parent Participant

“My daughter enjoyed reading very much and now likes reading more. The plush toy is a motivation for reading.” – Mireya C., Parent Participant

“My daughter enjoyed the program very much! She still attentively takes care of Vella. My daughter now sleeps with Vella!” – Blanca C., Parent Participant

“The program helps very much since they desire to have a pet and they become more responsible.” – Ana C., Parent Participant

“My son took the program very seriously. He improved in his reading and writing. He learned to be more responsible and expressive.” – Maria D., Parent Participant

“My daughter started to pronounce words with expression. This program helped to motivate my daughter to read in a different approach. I enjoyed it and she loved it and she grew in reading. Thank you.” – Lorena D., Parent

The children were so excited to showcase their “I’m Doggone Brilliant” boards at the Reading Celebration and Adoption Ceremony at the end of the program!

“I have seen a positive change in my daughter’s work ethic. I do believe that this program should be implemented into more classrooms.” – Maria T.

“This program helped my child’s confidence in reading.” – Michael M.

“I like this program so much because the person who made it made my child want to read more. My child wants to read more because of this program. He is more interested in books and stories.” – Fatima D.

“This program helped my child read better and improved her confidence.” – Gilbert V.

“My child’s reading improved since she started this program. She also enjoys reading very much.” – Gilbert V.

“I think it’s more fun for kids to have a friend to read with. They enjoy it better. I think it helps the kids to learn in a fun way and at the same time they learn how important it is to take care of animals.” – Ivette T.

“I find her reading almost everything at home now, asking all the time about words, letters, etc.” – Jaqueline G.

IMG_1504“My son enjoys reading more and I also enjoyed [participating] with my son in this program since I notice my son put more effort into reading. This program helps kids have more confidence in themselves to succeed in the classroom.” – Patricia M., Parent Participant

“I think this program greatly helps children in the development and fluidity of their reading.” – Maria P.

“This program really helped my son want to read instead of making him read. In the 8 weeks my son’s reading improved so much we now as a family do the program at home.” – Kathryn E.

“I do feel my child has more confidence while reading. The BoneWork helped him pay better attention to what he was reading. I believe this is an excellent program for young readers! It helps children read with confidence, fluency, and understanding. My child enjoyed learning new words.” – Stephanie M., Parent Participant

“I would love our other son to experience this program next year!” – Jomana A.

“This program was easy for my child – she loves to read!” – Katrina R.

“Yes, our kids enjoy reading with their pet or stuffed animals. This program helped encourage kindness towards animals.” – Kiran A.

IMG_1493“Great way to encourage children to both read and care for animals at the same time.” – Dina R.

“I noticed my daughter had more enthusisam for reading, and I liked that. With enthusiasm and fun the children learn better.” – Angelia D.

“Chris really enjoyed reading to our dog Cuddles. He would always grab his book when it was reading time, the very first time we would announce it! 🙂 I strongly believe this program helps encourage reading and make it fun! My son loved reading to our dog and would often read on his own to our dog, even when it wasn’t ‘homework’!” – Marilyn R.

“Alecia began this program at a 1.5 AR reading level. When the program was over, she was reading at a 2.7 AR reading level. This program is the best!” – Alexis S.

“Sarah’s confidence and willingness to read have improved and she looks forward to finding new books to read. This program has helped Sarah be more excited about reading and learning new words.” – Victor P.

“It is a good program. Kids feel more comfortable reading at home, and it motivates them more.” – Jorge V.

“I think my daughter learned a lot just by reading a lot more books during this program. I think this program helped her a lot because her vocabulary grew a lot.” – Charisma Z.

“Christian was very motivated in reading with our pet animal, and he had always loved reading books.”

IMG_1505“This is a very helpful program. It helps students learn new words. My son learned new words each time he read a book, and it was very fun to read each night!” – Florence V.

“My son learned new words every week, sometimes as little as three words, but it’s a big improvement for him since he’s not a strong reader. Even though the program has ended, I continue to use this method and the strategies we learned during the program.” – Brenda A.

“I really liked practicing the Tricky Trouble Words. That really helped my son learn new words!” – Diana G.

“This program challenged my son to read beyond his reading level to find more ‘Tricky Trouble Words.’ He loved reading to his dog.”

“The 8 week commitment between parents and their kids challenges and encourages strong reading skills.” – Faith W.

“I saw my son read more on his own because he wanted to read to his pets at home.” – Kristina F.

IMG_1286“This program helped my daughter to read more frequently. Thank you. I recommend this program because it helped my daughter very much.” – Soledad M.

“This program helped my daughter read better.” – Maria S.

“This program helped Adrian push himself more. I notice him being able to read harder words.”

“This program is a positive reinforcement for children to want to read. It encourages them in the process of reading new words and techniques to grow as a reader. It also allows family time, which for the kids is great.” – Flor R.

“My daughter loved the animal connection with reading.”

“I feel very satisfied with the program. I liked it very much. My son liked coming [home] and telling me he had a pet and they would read and he would come [home] happy.” – Cristina V.

“This program is very good. It is much more interesting for the children to read.” – Liliam L.

IMG_1468“I have noticed a very positive difference in my daughter. Now she wants a real live dog to read to! My daughter learned to read more quickly and many more words.” – Rosana L.

“This is an excellent program. It instills the habit of reading.” – Giselda P.

“This program helped my son a lot in reading. Sometime he even read to his sister!” – Sharon Castro

“I noticed that it helped my son’s fluency. I also noticed that he was reading more without me telling him that he needed to read a book every night.” – Adilena Barrios