First Grade


Welcome to Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed in 1st Grade!


1st Grade Materials List

Per Classroom:

  • Access to Dozer's Doggy Detective Video Blog (featuring 10 videos from countries around the world).
  • 8 world maps.
  • Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed 1st grade program manual.
  • Dozer the Dog.
  • Doggone Awesome Puppy Postal Service Mailbox.
  • Six "paw" stamps (for rewarding doggone awesome writing!)
  • Pre-program teacher training and online and email support.


Per Child

  • One Doggy Detective folder and Doggy Detective badge sticker.
  • One photo of Dozer's family.
  • One Doggy Detective certificate.
  • One Honorary C.A.R.E. Animal team member ribbon.

Watch the video below to learn more about THE PROGRAM AND teacher supporT:

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