"The best ten weeks of my life!"
- Program Participant, Rio Vista Elementary School

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Reading Fluency and Comprehension

As determined through pre-and-post assessments of 112 student participants of Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed:

  • Students increased oral reading fluency on average by 16 words per minute as measured by DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills).

As determined through pre-and-post assessments of an additional 126 student program participants:

  • The percentage of students at grade level in reading comprehension increased from 50% to 79% as measured by The San Diego Quick Assessment.
  • 73% of participating students increased their ability to decode and comprehend words in and out of context by one-to-three grade levels as measured by the San Diego Quick Assessment and the McLeod Assessment.
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Student Self-Efficacy and Confidence

Teachers who participated in this program indicted that their students:

  • Feel more confident when reading.
  • Have more fun with reading.
  • Feel less alone when reading.
  • Want to read more and look forward to reading.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments.
  • Believe in themselves and in their own abilities.
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Child Safety Around Dogs and compassion for Animals

As indicated by a student pre/post student questionnaire, teacher feedback, and over 90% of parents surveyed, this program helped students to:

  • Learn to behave in appropriate ways around dogs.
  • Learn how to read a dog's body language.
  • Develop deepened empathy and compassion for dogs and other animals.

What Parents Are Saying...

Here's what 343 families at 6 participating elementary schools told us about their experience:

  • 98% of parents said that this program helped their child become a better reader.
  • 100% of parents said that they enjoyed participating in the program with their child.
  • 96% of parents said that this program helped their child's confidence in reading.
  • 97% of parents said that their child wanted to read more OFTEN at home during this program.
  • 93% of parents said that they noticed a positive difference in their child's kindness towards animals (but when they said there was no difference, this was often because their child was already kind to pets.)
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Finally, What Are Students Saying?

We asked 561 students at 6 schools what they thought of this program.

Here's what they said:

  • 98% of the students said they enjoyed participating in this program.
  • 94% of the children said that reading with their dog made them feel more confident about reading.
  • 92% of the students said that they have become a better reader.
  • 96% of the children said that they have learned to be kinder to dogs and safe around dogs.
  • 96% of the students said that reading with their stuffed animal or pet made reading more fun for them.
  • 95% of the children said that they would recommend this program to a friend :-)

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