About the Program: Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed

Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed is an innovative 1st and 2nd grade literacy program created from 20 years of teaching experience and government-funded doctoral research by Dr. Lori Friesen.

Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed engages and inspires students to become stronger readers and writers, all while teaching them compassion for animals.

Empowering children as teachers, 1st grade students go on a virtual field trip around the world to help solve a mystery with Dozer the Dog, all while practicing essential reading and writing skills.

Along the way, students discover that Dozer’s family is in an animal shelter! Each child is then asked if they would be willing to save the furry family by “fostering” a little plush dog each in 2nd grade.

In second grade, when children meet their reading goal AND demonstrate that they are good and loving pet parents, students are celebrated at a Doggone Awesome Reading Celebration and Adoption Ceremony. Then, they get to take their plush pup home to become part of their forever family.

Now THAT'S a doggone brilliant way to get students reading!

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