About us

Our Mission

To help children become stronger readers and writers through innovative and effective reading strategies and writing projects while teaching children to become safe and compassionate dog companions.

What We Do

How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed In the Classroom is a creative, innovative, and fun 1st and 2nd grade school curriculum aligned with Common Core State Standards in Language Arts that helps children become stronger, more motivated readers while learning safety around dogs and compassion for them.

How We Do It

We provide teachers with our innovative curriculum, access to online teacher support and student videos, ongoing guidance and support, and all of the materials teachers need for this program to be successful in their classrooms. For more information about program components and highlights, click here.

Our Vision and Goal

Our goal and vision is to have positively impacted the lives of 5 million children in 5 years through increased enjoyment of and progress in reading and writing, to significantly reduce the number of dog bites to children through age-appropriate education about how to behave around dogs, and to prevent the subsequent relinquishment of healthy family dogs to shelters.