Humane Education


Humane Education

Many people have asked me the question: “So exactly how does your program teach children lessons in compassion, responsibility, and safety around dogs?”

The video below showcases the top 10 lessons children learn about humane education during this program. In this video I share how each lesson is taught, highlighting engaging children’s literature that helps children to learn each concept, as well as fun and creative activities to reinforce each skill.

But for all of you readers out there who prefer the printed word to a video screen, I’ve also included an overview of my top 10 list below for your enjoyment.


The Top 10 Lessons Children Learn about
Kindness, Responsibility, and Safety around Dogs

1. How to meet a new dog safely.
2. Behaviors that are ok and not ok around dogs.
3. How to spend quality time with their pets.
4. How to read a dog’s body language.
5. What a “shelter dog” is.
6. To think big about how they can help animals.
7. What a “service dog” is.
8. That dogs have special needs, too.
9. How to love themselves the way their dogs do.
10. What it means to “foster” and “adopt” a dog.

To learn more about this program and how you can implement it at your school, please contact me today!


Dr. Lori