Welcome to the 2nd Grade Program: How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed




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“This program is about so much more than reading to a dog! I loved having this program at our school. It was a great opportunity for the students to enjoy some highly engaging curriculum, to learn to take risks and to not feel pressure like they might when reading to a peer or a family member. Beyond the curriculum itself, it was a great opportunity for our students to learn about safety and responsibility around pets. This program was very motivating, not only for our students but for our teachers and parents as well. Closure on this program was fantastic! Our students had the opportunity to adopt the stuffed dogs that they had fostered all throughout the program. We invited our families, and it was a great experience for everyone. I strongly endorse this program. It really gives students an opportunity to express their love of reading while bonding with an animal.”

– Mike Long, Principal of Rio Vista Elementary School


“The ability to read is one of the skills most highly correlated with success in life—yet by first grade, many children already lag behind. Thankfully, Dr. Lori Friesen has discovered an innovative way to get kids interested and excited about reading at the second-grade level, demonstrating the potential to lift our educational system to a whole new level. Improving reading skills and teaching kids how to love and care for animals—Dr. Lori, you’re brilliant!”

—Jennifer Read Hawthorne, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul 

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