I Can Imagine What I Really Want: Success Skills for Kids

Join Dozer the Dog and Dr. Lori in this episode of “I Am So Special” to help children learn how to get clear about what they really want, and then visualize, or imagine, what it will feel and look like to actually have that dream come true for them.

In this episode, Dozer really wants to participate in his school talent show, but is afraid of making mistakes in front of his friends. Imagining how well things can go, instead of how badly they can go, helps Dozer to see that amazing things are possible – and gives him the courage to go on stage.

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How to Make a Puppy Dog Valentine Holder

Kids, learn how to make a puppy dog Valentine holder with Dozer and Dr. Lori so you can keep all of your Valentines from your friends in a safe place. 🙂
Teachers, make this adorable craft (using recycled materials) with your students so they have a special place to keep all of their Valentines.
To download the templates and tracers for this craft, just click here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I Can Be Persistent and Achieve My Goals: Success Skills for Kids

How can we help our students set goals
and develop the persistence they need to achieve them?

Join Dozer the Dog and Dr. Lori in Part Three of “I Am So Special!” in which we help children learn that when they are persistent, they can achieve anything they want to! In this episode, Dozer really, really wants to get his treats up on the counter, and learns that in order to get what he wants, he needs to brainstorm lots of different ideas and remain persistent in order to reach his goal. Teaching children these success skills helps them learn that when they don’t give up, they can achieve anything they dream of!

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I Can Be Brave: Success Skills for Kids

Kids, have you ever been afraid of something?

Join Dr. Lori and adorable Dozer the Dog in this episode where Dozer learns how to use his imagination to hope for good things instead of imagining scary things – and he learns that sometimes, when you take action even when you’re scared, wonderful surprises can be in store! What awesome success skills for kids to learn.

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What to Do When Kids Are Mean: Success Skills for Kids

Join us in this heart-warming series in which Dozer the Dog and Dr. Lori teach children how to truly believe in and love themselves so they can go out into the world and be strong, and make good, kind, and loving choices. Let’s teach children these success skills so they can stand up to those bullies, so they can do what’s right, even when it’s hard, so they can trust themselves in difficult situations, and so they can be empowered to live any life they can dare to dream for themselves.

In this video, Dozer learns what to do when kids are mean, and how to say a Love Pledge to himself to remind himself that he is special and lovable, no matter what others might say to him.

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New Series on YouTube: “I Am So Special!”

Happy New Year!

When we teach children how to value and love themselves, they are able to interact with the world with increased love, compassion, and kindness. Join me for this very special series in which Dozer the Dog and I teach children important success skills such as how to love and believe in themselves, how to be kind and treat others with compassion and respect, and how to achieve any goal they can dream of.

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Dr. Lori Friesen
Founder and Creator of How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed in the Classroom

A Whole Class No-Bake Cooking Project: Making Holiday Trifle

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Teachers, have you considered a surprise (no-bake) cooking project for your students this holiday season? This is the most delicious Christmas dessert! In this video, learn how to make a holiday trifle with Dozer and Dr. Lori. It’s one of the best Christmas recipes ever, and the best part is that it’s EASY and there is NO BAKING involved.

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Fall Baking/Language Arts Project: Make Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Your Students!

When the weather gets a little cooler and you start craving the delicious flavors of fall, why not surprise your students with a whole-class cooking project? Model a practical reason for reading and writing as your students write the ingredients for this recipe, and then write, read, and follow the directions to create these mini-masterpieces. I used to think I didn’t like anything gluten free, but I promise you that there won’t be a speck left over when you make this recipe – they are absolutely DELICIOUS!

My gift to you this season – download the lesson template and recipe by clicking here now!